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Ordering Information

  • Locks are one of a kind, and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Email and telephone orders reserve locks until payment is received in full.
  • Locks will be reserved for a period not to exceed five business days.
  • All payments will be made in collected funds. Please do not send cash through the mail.
  • Vermont residents please add 5% sales tax when making payments.

Important Disclaimer: These locks are all based on an obsolete technology. They are not meant to function in high security situations. While they will provide security against "casual" lock pickers, they are not invulnerable. Plumb Farm Workshops therefore will not take responsibility for theft or damage resulting from the use of these locks.

Locks we do not make:
Hand cuffs; leg irons; chastity belts; cell door locks; booby trap or maiming locks.

Other items:
Currently we are specializing only in locks. For other items, please try Morrell Metalsmiths.

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