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About Plumb Farm Workshops
Plumb Farm Workshops is located in the historic Estey Organ Complex in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont. The forging area is a fairly traditional small blacksmith's shop with coal forge, anvil and vises. All work is done by hand in the traditional manner; the only concession to modernity is the use of electricity for light, drill press, and grinder.

Kevin Moreau began experimenting with forged and otherwise manipulated metals in 1980. Since then, he has worked as a production blacksmith, boat builder, and musical instrument maker.

Since starting Plumb Farm Workshops, Kevin has concentrated his metal working talents in making iron locks for doors, furniture, and as collectable art objects. "I like to maintain an intangible, graceful quality of antiquity, while exploring the possibilities of mechanical whimsy and the tactile delight of handmade metal objects. Locks and keys provide almost inexhaustible opportunities for texture, embellishment, and complexity."

While Kevin is quite competent in the traditional conventions of ages past, he can also create new locks to fit the motifs and textures demanded by contemporary designers and architects--from medieval revival to postmodern.

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